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So, you just bought that brand new smartphone! You love it of course. I mean, it’s a computer that fits in your pocketwhat’s not to like?

But, do you really know the true potential your smartphone has? It’s time to unleash your smartphone.

Here are just a few things you can do:

  • Receive email updates from multiple email accounts!
  • Set alerts to notify you of a new job position posting!
  • Access your files (documents, pictures, video, music, etc) whenever of wherever you need!
  • Take notes quickly and easily. Then access them from anywhere!
  • Control your PC with your smartphone. Full PC control – see your desktop, move your mouse cursor, open programs and files, etc!
  • Print directly from your smartphone!
  • Turn your phone into a document and photo scanner!
  • Automatically turn business cards into contact information!
  • Set reminders and keep track of your schedule!
  • Listen to live radio from local to around the world!
  • Can’t think of the name of that song? Identify songs by letting your smartphone listen!
  • Record radio and listen to it at your convenience!
  • Automatically download podcasts and listen to them whenever you’d like!
  • Watch your favorite movies and TV shows through Netflix!
  • Label the night sky with instant star location!
  • Play games!
  • Post to all of your favorite social networks (facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+, etc.)
  • Post to your blog or reply to a comment!
  • Have a live conversation with someone that speaks a foreign language with instant voice translation!
  • Video chat one-on-one or with up to nine of your friends!
  • Get your own personalized news experience by making the news come to you!
  • Scan barcodes with your camera and get the absolute lowest price for a product!
  • Find the cheapest gasoline near you!
  • Find local retail sales and deals!
  • Set Craigslist to alert you when someone posts something you’re looking for!
Improve Life:
  • Sleep better by having your own personal sound/white noise machine!
  • Get control of your financial life by tracking where your money is going!


Here’s what you get:

One full hour of personalized iPhone & Android Smartphone Training

You get an entire hour of focused and informative training in any topic of your choosing. Spend as much time as you want on any topic. I will try to fit as much information in our time together as I can – giving you the most for your money!

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