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Your child’s first birthday. First steps. First football game.  No matter the memory, they are all moments we never want to forget.  Our memories define us!

At the end of the day, the most important things in life are the memories we share with the ones we love. Life’s moments are precious. So are your VHS Home Videos.

Do you have a lot of your home movies on VHS tapes?  What you may not know is that your VHS tapes will degrade over time. Noticeable degradation starts after about 5 years, and progressively gets worse. Over time, the binder degrades that holds the recorded media to the tape causing magnetic particle instability and deformation. This causes permanent damage to the video and audio quality.  One example is the “snow” on the video we all know and love.

It is very important to convert your VHS tapes to digital nowbefore the quality is lost forever!


Here’s what you get:

Conversion of VHS to Digital Format

Your VHS tapes will be converted, minute-by-minute, hour-by-hour, from its analog format to digital.

Professional Cutting and Editing

Most VHS to DVD conversions will record the entire tape straight through as one enormous, poorly navigable video. We do it better. The Pittsburgh Tech Geek will separate each home movie into its own selectable video, so you can watch exactly what you want – when you want it.

Personalized Video Menu

Just like film quality DVDs, your Home Movies will be featured in a rich, multimedia menu. Each home video will have its own personalized title. Then, put your own personal touch on the menu by choosing the background art and audio.

Professional Labeling and Packaging

Make your Home Movie collection timeless. The Pittsburgh Tech Geek will protect your Home Movie DVDs with customized disc labels and sturdy DVD cases.

The Pittsburgh Tech Geek believes that Home Movies are uniquely yours. You made those memories, so you should be able to personalize your DVDs any way you see fit. Just look at all of the parts you can customize!

Your Customizable Options:

  • DVD Title
  • Video Titles
  • DVD Menu Background
  • DVD Menu Music
  • Disc Label
  • DVD Case Cover

If you would rather not personalize your Home Movie DVDs, that’s fine, too! The Pittsburgh Tech Geek will choose a beautiful theme for your Home Movies.

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