Windows Installation

windows installation 150x150 Windows Installation

There is a little known secret amongst Tech Professionals. Imagine if once, every so often, your computer could return to the way it was when you first bought your computer. Too good to be true? Think again. You’ve discovered the Windows Installation.

Whether you just got the latest version of Windows, or you would like a fresh install, The Pittsburgh Tech Geek can make this process a smooth and simple one.


Here’s what you get:

Professional Compatibility Recommendation

When installing a new version of Windows, you must be absolutely sure that it’s compatible with the components inside. Without hardware support, Windows will not function properly. Rest assured that your computer will work with Windows.

Installation of Windows

The Pittsburgh Tech Geek will Reformat, Partition, and Install a complete version of Windows. If you do not have a version of Windows OS, the cost of the software can be added (Optional).

Performance of Necessary Windows Updates

Windows Updates are not only nice to have, but essential! Many windows updates fix security exploits and other functionalities. You can be sure that your copy of Windows is up-to-date!

windows installation price Windows Installation

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