PC Tune-up

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Is your computer running at a snail’s pace? Is Windows taking forever to finally finish loading? Maybe you’re just sick of all the clutter that is collecting on your PC.

Whatever the case, the Pittsburgh Tech Geek can clean your system and get it running at tip-top condition. It’s time to maximize the power of your PC.


Here’s what you get:

Optimize Windows Boot up and Shutdown

There are many hidden and often unnecessary programs running on your computer at any given time. Speed up your computer by eliminating them.

Install Windows Updates

Many Performance updates come through Windows updates – especially Windows Service Packs. You get all the latest releases.

Cleanup the System toolbar

See all of those little icons at the bottom right-hand part of your screen? Those programs are taking valuable resources to run. Minimize the strain on your system by eliminating the unnecessary.

Removal of Unwanted Programs

You may be finding that your desktop and start menu is being overwhelmed with programs that you never use. Let’s clean those.

Remove Dust from the inside the computer

Computers are great at sucking up dust, dirt, pet fur, etc. Proper cleaning ensures that your components don’t overheat causing stress.

Clean the exterior case

Get your computer looking clean and factory-fresh.

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