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Whether it be for business or pleasure, the Pittsburgh Tech Geek will convert your files into whatever you’d like! The possibilities are endless, so here are just a few ideas:


  • Microsoft Word Documents (.doc, .docx) to PDF
  • PDF to Microsoft Word Documents (.doc, .docx)
  • Microsoft Word Documents (.doc, .docx) to Text File (.txt)
  • Scanned Documents (.pdf, .jpg, .bmp, etc) to Microsoft Word Documents (.doc, .docx)
  • So much more! Special requests expected!


  • Bitmap (.bmp) to JPEG (.jpeg)
  • JPEG (.jpeg) to Bitmap (.bmp)
  • PNG (.png) to JPEG (.jpeg)
  • JPEG (.jpeg) to PNG (.png)
  • So much more! Special requests expected!


  • WAV to MP3
  • MP3 to WAV
  • FLAC to MP3
  • AAC to MP3
  • FLAC to WAV
  • So much more! Special requests expected!


  • MPG to AVI
  • AVI to MPG
  • MPG to iPad
  • MPG to iPhone
  • MPG to iPod
  • So much more! Special requests expected!

The conversions listed above are just a few examples of what you can do. There are hundreds of possibilities, so please ask! Let the Pittsburgh Tech Geek find a solution for you!


Here’s what you get:

Your Files Converted

Your conversion order will vary depending on the size of the files and the time it takes to convert your files.

DVD of your Converted Files

For most conversion orders, a DVD will have sufficient storage requirements to hold your converted files. For larger projects, a solution will be found to work for you.

any file conversion price Any File Conversion

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