DVD to Video File Conversion

DVD to video file conversion 150x150 DVD to Video File Conversion

Do you want to view your DVD video without the hassle of hauling around the DVD? Those big, bulky DVD booklets are going the way of the dinosaurs. If all of your DVD videos are digital, they are virtually weightless!

Or maybe you just want to post that video clip on your DVD to your favorite Video Sharing platform like YouTube. I know you have an idea for remixing that scene in your favorite movie. You and your friends wanted to dub all the actor’s voices with your own. See, I’m on to you!

The Pittsburgh Tech Geek can make all that happen for you. I will convert your DVD to any of the popular formats so they can be used just about anywhere!


Here’s what you get:

Professional Recommendation of Conversion Solution

Not sure what file type your video should be in to play your DVD on your iPad? Great! I can be sure that your video file is compatible just the way you want.

Conversion of One DVD Video to the Video file of your choice

Make sure the video file plays the way you want! Popular video formats supported: .mp4 or .mpv. Video codecs supported: MPEG-4, H.264, or Theora. Audio codecs supported: AAC, CoreAudio AAC, MP3, or Vorbis. Need a different file type? No problem! Special requests are welcome!

DVD to video file conversion price DVD to Video File Conversion

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