Prepare for the Future!

Let’s face it. Every day, technology is becoming more and more apart of our lives. Designed to make our life easier, sometimes, can make it more difficult.

That’s where I come in. No matter your skill level, I will teach you something. Take my hour-long sessions in a variety of subject matters. All skill levels welcome!

social media training 150x150 Training

Social Media Training

Social Media has changed our world. It has allowed for instant communication with people all over the world. It made keeping up with your loved ones easy and effortless. Social Media has fueled revolutions against dictators in countries all over the world. Once again, technology has made our world a little smaller. Now, it’s time to for you to learn how to use this powerful tool!

pc training 150x150 Training

PC Training

Do PCs seem a little out of reach to you? Are you intimidated by all of the options and features?

Not anymore! Once you’re done with my PC training, you will be as familiar with your computer as you are with your toaster!

internet training 150x150 Training

Internet Training

You know the Internet is important. You know that the Internet has changed and continues to change the world. It’s been the backbone of revolutions and the medium of choice for creative people all over the world.
Now you might be asking yourself, “what can the Internet do for me?”

iphone android smartphone training 150x150 Training

iPhone & Android Smartphone Training

So, you just bought that brand new smartphone! You love it of course. I mean, it’s a computer that fits in your pocket – what’s not to like?

But, do you really know the true potential your smartphone has? It’s time to unleash your smartphone.