Full Security Package Installation

full security package installation 150x150 Full Security Package Installation

This is it. This is the PC Security package you’ve been looking for. Solid and comprehensive protection without the slowdown of your PC. Never worry about viruses, trojans, spyware, or adware again.

With the Pittsburgh Tech Geek at your side, you can feel safe knowing your PC and your information is protected from viruses, trackers, and hackers.


Here’s what you get:

Professional Recommendation on Antivirus Products

There are many antivirus programs with many different features. How do you know what antivirus to pick? That’s easy. The Pittsburgh Tech Geek will evaluate your unique situation and recommend the most secure and cost-effective protection plan.

Installation of Antivirus Software

After your recommendation has been made, the Pittsburgh Tech Geek will install and configure your antivirus software.

Installation of Ad Blocker

Sick of seeing advertisements on websites? No problem. Your Ad Blocker will prevent all web-based ads from displaying. More importantly, websites will not be able to track your browsing history.

Installation of Spyware Blocker

Spyware are small, undetectable files programmed to track anything from web browsing behavior to what you type on your keyboard. Have piece of mind knowing that you are not being tracked.

Secure Wireless Internet (WiFi) with Maximum Encryption

This is one of the most overlooked (and probably most important) security vulnerability. Without securing your router, you are at risk for anyone locally hacking into your network – leaving all of your wireless devices vulnerable.

Installation of Windows Updates

Windows updates are essential to the security of your computer. Protect yourself from hackers taking advantage of windows exploits.

full security package installation price Full Security Package Installation

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