Video File to DVD Conversion

video file to DVD conversion 150x150 Video File to DVD Conversion

Have you ever wanted to put all of those videos from YouTube on a DVD to share with your friends and family? Here’s an idea – Plan a YouTube Video party where you choose a bunch of your favorite YouTube videos and watch them with your friends on your HD TV!

Maybe you just have some video files on your computer you would like to display on a professionally crafted DVD. Whatever idea you have, putting your video files on a DVD can be fast and easy with the Pittsburgh Tech Geek at your side!


Here’s what you get:

YouTube Video Download (Optional)

Can’t figure out how to download YouTube Videos to your computer? No problem. Just give me the links and I’ll download them for you!

DVD with all of your Selected Video Files

Whether they be YouTube videos or videos on your computer, the Pittsburgh Tech Geek will create a beautiful DVD tailored to your liking.

Personalized Video Menu

Just like film quality DVDs, your videos will be featured in a rich, multimedia menu. Each video will have its own personalized title. Then, put your own personal touch on the menu by choosing the background art and audio.

Professional Labeling and Packaging

Protect your DVD. The Pittsburgh Tech Geek will protect your Home Movie DVDs with customized disc labels and sturdy DVD cases.

Your Customizable Options:

  • DVD Title
  • Video Titles
  • DVD Menu Background
  • DVD Menu Music
  • Disc Label
  • DVD Case Cover

If you would rather not personalize your videos, that’s fine, too! The Pittsburgh Tech Geek will choose a beautiful theme for your videos.

video file to DVD conversion price Video File to DVD Conversion

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