PC Upgrade

Take it to the next level!

Can’t believe it can get any better? Think again. Your technology setup can be improved in a number of ways!

Technology is always breaking barriers, so why not yours? Don’t spend thousands of dollars on a brand new machine when you can upgrade the one you have!

software installation 150x150 PC Upgrade

Software Installation

Need help installing that new software application you just bought? No problem.

The Pittsburgh Tech Geek will have your application installed and tailored to your exact preferences!

home network installation 150x150 PC Upgrade

Home Network Installation

A Home Network allows you to connect your computers & devices together with the Internet – wirelessly. Cut the cord!

accessory installation 150x150 PC Upgrade

Accessory Installation

Whether you have a printer, scanner, microphone, webcam, TV, monitor, mouse, keyboard, or whatever, the Pittsburgh Tech Geek will find a way to connect it with your computer.

hardware installation 150x150 PC Upgrade

Hardware Installation

It’s time. It’s time to stop waiting around for your computer to boot up. It’s time to stop waiting for websites to load. It’s time to have a fast computer!

There are many ways to speed up your computer, but a hardware upgrade is by far the greatest value for your dollar.

windows installation 150x150 PC Upgrade

Windows Installation

There is a little known secret amongst Tech Professionals. Imagine if once, every so often, your computer could return to the way it was when you first bought your computer. Too good to be true? Think again. You’ve discovered the Windows Installation.