Hardware Installation

hardware installation 150x150 Hardware Installation

Are you ready for PC Power? Are you prepared to take the next step in computing speed?

It’s time. It’s time to stop waiting around for your computer to boot up. It’s time to stop waiting for websites to load. It’s time to have a fast computer!

There are many ways to speed up your computer, but a hardware upgrade is by far the greatest value for your dollar.

Here are your upgrade options:

  • Better Graphics -> Graphics / Video Card
  • Faster Speed or Fewer Computer Crashes -> RAM / Physical Memory
  • Faster Windows Loading or More Storage -> Solid State Drive or Hard Drive


Here’s what you get:

Professional Recommendation of Upgrade

All computers have a bottleneck component that slows the entire process down. I will fully analyze your computer and find what component upgrade will give you the best outcome.

Installation of Hardware Component

The Pittsburgh Tech Geek will install your new component including all hook-ups necessary.

Installation of Included Software

All included software will be installed so your new hardware can function properly.

Configuration of Hardware Component

Once installed, your new hardware component will be configured to work with your computer without any issue.

hardware installation price Hardware Installation

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