PC Setup

Your foundation for success!

Did you just buy a computer? Are planning to buy a computer?

Why not give yourself and your computer the best start imaginable.

Whether it be hooking-up all of the various parts, or tweaking and optimizing, The Pittsburgh Tech Geek can do it all!

Combine the Complete PC Setup and the In-home PC Hook-up for the best possible start to your world-changing endeavors!

complete pc setup 150x150 PC Setup

Complete PC Setup

Just bought a new computer? Or maybe you just want to unlock the potential of your machine. Whatever the case, Pittsburgh Tech Geek’s Complete PC Setup will set your PC up for greatness!

in home pc setup 150x150 PC Setup

In-home PC Hook-up

So, you just buy a new computer, and you want it hooked-up, right? Stop getting yourself tangled in cables, and contact the Pittsburgh Tech Geek. I will have your PC up and running in no time!