Home Network Installation

home network installation 150x150 Home Network Installation

No longer do you need to be tied down to your modem. The Internet symbolizes freedom, so why not use the Internet the way it’s supposed to be used – Freely. It’s time to cut the cord!

A Home Network allows you to connect your computers & devices together with the Internet – wirelessly.


Here’s what you get:

Setup and Configure Your Router

The Pittsburgh Tech Geek will hook-up and configure your router completely and securely.

Installation and Configuration of Networking Adapters

Network Adapters are the receivers that communicate with your router. The Pittsburgh Tech Geek will install up to three of your adapters so that they connect seamlessly.

Configuration of Internet

Your Internet will be checked and verified for a strong connection. A Download, Upload, and Latency diagnostic will be done to verify the speed of your Internet Connection.

Secure Network

An insecure network is the most common mistake people make when setting up their wireless network. You network will be secured with the highest level encryption so that nobody can access your network but you.

home network installation price Home Network Installation

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