Accessory Installation

accessory installation 150x150 Accessory Installation

So, you just bought that cool gadget and you want to connect it to your computer, right?

Maybe you just bought a new printer, and you don’t want to have to figure out all the details needed to set it up.

Whether you have a printer, scanner, microphone, webcam, TV, monitor, mouse, keyboard, or whatever, the Pittsburgh Tech Geek will find a way to connect it with your computer.


Here’s what you get:

Installation of Accessory

All hook-ups will be made from your accessory to your computer.

Installation of Any Included Software

If there is software included with the accessory to allow it to function, the software will be installed.

Configuration of Accessory

Whatever function you need your accessory to perform, the Pittsburgh Tech Geek will configure it to work the way you want.

accessory installation price Accessory Installation

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