Digital Conversion

Welcome to the Digital Age!

The world will never be the same. The Digital age brings with it the instant and free transmission of information to the world. Digital bits can be infinitely copied, changed, and shared.

Unlock the true potential of digital.

VHS to DVD conversion 150x150 Digital Conversion

VHS to DVD Conversion

At the end of the day, the most important things in life are the memories we share with the ones we love. Life’s moments are precious. So are your VHS Home Videos.

It is very important to convert your VHS tapes to digital now – before the quality is lost forever!

DVD to video file conversion 150x150 Digital Conversion

DVD to Video File Conversion

Do you want to view your DVD video without the hassle of hauling around the DVD?

Or maybe you just want to remix that video clip on your DVD and post it to YouTube. Whatever you choose, conversion is possible!

video file to DVD conversion 150x150 Digital Conversion

Video File to DVD Conversion

Have you ever wanted to put all of those videos from YouTube on a DVD to share with your friends and family? Here’s an idea – Plan a YouTube Video party where you choose a bunch of your favorite YouTube videos and watch them with your friends on your HD TV!

any file conversion 150x150 Digital Conversion

Any File Conversion

Whether it be for business or pleasure, the Pittsburgh Tech Geek will convert your files into whatever you’d like! The possibilities are endless!