Complete PC Setup

complete pc setup 150x150 Complete PC Setup
Just bought a new computer? Or maybe you just want to unlock the potential of your machine. Whatever the case, Pittsburgh Tech Geek’s Complete PC Setup will set your PC up for greatness!


Here’s what you get:

Full Internet Security

You cannot leave yourself vulnerable to the many lurking viruses out there. You will get all of the latest antivirus and antispyware software with the latest updates.

Optimize and Tweak for Maximum Performance

Get the most out of your PC through a multitude of performance enhancements. Speed up Windows and all of your programs.

Removal of Unwanted Programs and Junkware

All new computers come bloated with Junk Software. That’s because the software companies make special deals with the PC manufactures to install promotional offers on their PCs. The PC manufactures then use that promotional money to make their PCs cheaper. Clear out all of that junk and start your PC fresh!

Perform all of the latest Windows Updates

Keep your version of Windows up-to-date. This can benefit in a whole variety of ways including security, speed, and even new features!

Creation of User Accounts

Personalize your PC experience exactly to your liking. Now everyone in the family can have a home on your PC.

The Complete PC Setup pairs great with the In-home PC Hook-up! Give your PC the best start imaginable!

complete pc setup price Complete PC Setup

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